"If you're getting into chatbots and Messenger tools, Stashimi are second to none. They're responsive friendly, professional, and thorough. Best of all, Stashimi combines extremely smart strategies with their innovative technology, for results that are truly undeniable. Working with Stashimi has been a total party!"

Andrew W.K.

"We have been able to implement the messenger bots in a number of creative ways for our artists. It is an extremely powerful tool that can help amplify your artist, product and content in an interactive and personal way that helps reach all your fans, not just ones that were algorithmically chosen."

Cooper Anstett - Starstruck Entertainment, Nashville, TN

Results Driven Conversational Marketing

We develop conversational experiences that focus on achieving your goals, measured by hard numbers such as increasing your subscriber list, generating industry leading engagement rates, and ultimately generating streams and sales.


It’s part art, part science but we always let the science guide the art. Our services bring new fans efficiently to your channel, deliver the right conversation and content to the right fan segment, enable seamless peer-to-peer sharing, and enable your fans to show their love through contests and games.

Three Phases to Launch


We develop a custom conversational marketing strategy and track goals to measure our progress and success.


We build, test and develop your customized messaging and voice experience to fit your fanbase demographics.


We execute all marketing campaigns & maintain the conversational marketing machine we created.

Our Services

Audience Expansion

We will expand your audience by targeting look-a-like audiences that are similar to your active fans.

Product Launch

By creating conversations around new products we increase sales and incentivize your audience to share.


By automating responses to 60% of common questions we create 24/7 support for your fans or customers.

Survey Boost

Get higher response rates to any survey delivered in a conversational context, helping boost response rates.

Event Promotion

Maximize attendance & engagement with targeted campaigns, event reminders, and social integrations.

Audience Analysis

Using demographic information we deliver the most relevant insights and develop personas.

How G-Eazy maximized his streaming numbers and social engagement with messenger marketing

G-Eazy’s team has designed a messenger marketing machine that led to exponential increases in fan engagement across all social media channels. At the center of his strategy is messenger marketing. Learn how you can apply his strategies.


How Zedd used conversational marketing for the launch of his most successful song

Working with Stashimi, Zedd, and his social team wanted to build out a unique experience for his millions of fans to receive exclusive content and have a conversation around his newest single release “The Middle.” Learn how we accomplished just that and more.


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