20% of US Households already own a smart speaker, expected to grow to 55% of households by 2022 with an installed base of 175M devices

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Smart Speakers in the U.S. (in millions)

42% of people say their voice-activated devices have become ‘essential’ to their lives

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Our Voice Services

We’re the leading provider for conversational experiences in the entertainment industry. Our proven full-service approach and industry-trained technology are tailored to your requirements and generally focus on three key areas.

Exclusive Voice Experiences

We build unique conversations that let your fans and customers experience your brand and interact with your products and services. Stimulate engagement across platforms and channels with companion experiences. Stay relevant with regular conversation updates that keep you top-of-mind at all times.

Domain Knowledge

While today’s implementations offer great coverage for every-day questions, there is a big untapped opportunity to get fans and customers the answers specific to your niche or industry. Thanks to our content adaptors, we seamlessly update responses in real-time.

Remember the early days of the App Store? Use Stashimi to become THE GO-TO voice experience for your sector.

Push Notifications

Do you have something going on every day? Or maybe once a week? This is your chance to become part of your fans’ or customers’ daily routines. Keep them up to date, become the voice authority in your niche and stay top of mind at all times.

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